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»Everybody's Somebody's Fool«

1. Everybody's Somebody's Fool 2,36
(Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller)
2. Candida 3,49
(Irwin Levine, Toni Wine)
3. Help Me Make it Through the Night 2,54
(Kris Kristofferson)
4. Gentle Annie 2,46
(Stephen C. Foster)
5. Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes 2,51
(Grace Walters)
6. There's a Kind of Hush 2,57
(Geoff Stephens, Les Reed)
7. Paper Roses 2,08
(Fred Spielman, Janice Torre)
8. Silver Threads Among the Gold 2,53
(Stephen C. Foster, Eben E. Rexford)
9. There Goes My Everythimg 3,19
(Dallas Frazier)
10. Little Yellow Aeroplane 3,00
(John Rostill)
11. We're Gonna go Fishin' 2,10
(Tex Atchison)
12. Too Soon to Know 2,15
(Don Gibson)
13. Where has All the Love Gone 3,50
(Charles V. Glaser)
14. Where the Roses Never Fade 3,02
(Charles V. Glaser)

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